Get Enterprise IT (LAN/WAN) Opportunities Earning – $60,000 to $150,000+ Per Year

Enterprise IT (LAN/WAN) technologies are mission-critical to EVERY company and one of the fastest-growing job sectors for at least the next 5 to 10 years.

HIGH PAY & GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE – LAN/WAN pros are valued/respected and receive high compensation starting at $60,000 to over $150,000+ per year.

Many LAN/WAN jobs also offer generous benefits and allow you to work remotely from anywhere, resulting in a lower cost of living and higher quality of life.

TEST DRIVE/QUALIFY & GET JOB FAST – If approved, we will help you get a LAN/WAN opportunity within 2 to 9 months of approval. Read below for details.

TO APPLY – If you are serious about your career, go to the bottom to APPLY.

COMPANY & “RIGHT CANDIDATE” – Most Critical Factor For LAN/WAN Success

LAN/WAN Professional is a nationwide membership organization of Top IT Professionals who consult/service the "who's who" of major organizations including Cisco, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Disney, Amazon, Blizzard, AT&T among others. We offer services to help our members be successful in both their professional lives, as described below, and in their personal quality of life including wealth building.

WIN/WIN Relationship (90%+ Success) – We have helped thousands of members and are proud to have a stellar success rate that exceeds 90%. Due to the high requirements of both membership and LAN/WAN opportunities, we have learned that the MOST CRITICAL FACTOR for success is only approving members who share our core values (read company overview) and possess 4 Key “RIGHT CANDIDATE” attributes.

Attribute Name
1. Transferable Pro Skills
2. Tech Interest/Abilities
3. JOB Focused/Helping
Attribute Name Summary – Please Confirm You Possess These Attributes Before You APPLY
1. Transferable Pro Skills Possess Good Verbal/Written, Multi-Tasking Skills Including Meeting Deadlines
2. Tech Interest/Abilities Must Have Interest and Positive Aptitude for Learning New Technologies Fast
3. JOB Focused/Helping Must Want UPGRADED JOB NOW & Also Care About Networking/Helping Others

4. Pass Background (Top Organizations) – LAN/WAN opportunities are mission-critical, high-impact roles working for some of the top organizations in EVERY industry. As stated above, LAN/WAN professionals also receive high compensation, are valued/respected, and are given qualify of life benefits such as working remotely. For this reason, you will need to be able to pass a proper background check.

MEMBERSHIP/SERVICE – Get Upgraded LAN/WAN Jobs Earning $60,000 to $150,000+

If you are approved as a member, we offer a comprehensive set of technical, professional, and consulting services that are optimized to help you acquire real-world PRACTICAL skills over 20 times faster (CWT) and 40+ times faster (Membership) than at a graduate-level learning institution. These skills involve core, specialized, and enterprise LAN/WAN technologies that are CRITICAL to every major organization.

Membership (Get LAN/WAN Opportunities) – Just as important, we have a proprietary system that helps APPROVED members acquire upgraded LAN/WAN opportunities, that normally require 5 to 10+ years of LAN/WAN experience, in just 2 to 9 months with minimal to no previous experience. These opportunities typically earn $60,000 to over $150,000 per year. Please read below for the steps

Step Description & Goal Of Step Duration Value You Pay Upfront
ONE CWT (CCNA) - Personally Test Drive & Validate Interest 3 to 8 Days $295 Free ($0)
TWO CWA (CCNP) - Develop Skills & Qualify For Membership 2 to 4 Weeks $5,980 $96 to $480*
WORK Membership - Get JOB Earning $60,000 to $150,000+ 2 to 9 Months $70,000+* Tied To Success*
Step Description Value You Pay
ONE Test Drive $295 Free
TWO Qualify $5,980 $96 to $480*
WORK Get JOB $70,000+ Job

*Fees Tied To Your Success (You Pay Misc.) – You will be responsible for misc. costs of $96 to $480 (credited if approved as a member) along with background check/exam fees and possible deposits. With that stated, up to 100% of your service fees ranging from $45,000 to $95,000+ after applying credits/discounts is tied to your LAN/WAN success. We only benefit from your success - A True WIN/WIN situation.

STEP ONE – Personally “Test Drive” Our Service While We Validate You

Due to the challenging nature of our service and the significant investment we make in every new member, LAN/WAN Professional has developed a comprehensive TWO STEP – “Test Drive”/Qualification process. This process allows qualified candidates to personally “Test Drive” and verify our stellar results while we fully validate that you possess 4 key “RIGHT CANDIDATE” attributes before we invest in you.

Step ONE (Test Drive & Verify LAN/WAN Interest) – The first step of the 2-step process is to Pass a Phone Screen/Grant Interview & Start Step 1 - CCNA (CWT) Remote Hands-On. The goal of Step 1 is to allow qualified candidates to personally “Test Drive” our service prior to making any commitments. 100% of the CWT Remote is paid by a $295 grant we provide. You pay $0 after applying the grant.

Step 1 Service Listing & Purpose Duration Value You Pay
GET GRANT - Pass Phone Screen & CWT Grant Interview 1 to 2 Days N/A N/A
CWT (CCNA) - Personally Test Drive & Validate Interest 2 to 6 Days Included Included
Total 3 to 8 Days $295 Free ($0)
Step 1 Service Listing Value You Pay
CWT (CCNA) Remote Included Included
Total $295 Free

Employment Serious Candidates Only – LAN/WAN Professional receives a significant number of applications nationwide and only approves a limited number of members. For this reason, please ensure that you are a qualified candidate who has a serious interest in seeking upgraded enterprise IT (LAN/WAN) opportunities earning $60,000 to over $150,000 per year BEFORE you apply below.

TEST DRIVE/QUALITY - Complete Application & Review Website/Pass Interview

TO APPLY - Please complete the application below. Upon application submission AND identity verification via email, you will be given login access to a secure site that provides additional details regarding our services/requirements. Within 1 to 2 business days, you will be contacted for a PHONE SCREEN & INTERVIEW. Your understanding of our services/requirements will be key to getting approved.

General Information & Work Status

General Info & Work Status

Create Account - Provide Email Address & Desired Password

You will need to create an account to access our secure website. Please enter a valid email address and password to create an account to log into our website. Our password security requirement includes 8 characters minimum, upper and lower case, at least 1 number, and 1 special character. Once submitted, you will be sent a verification email. Please respond to this email as instructed to finalize your application and get access to our secure website that provides important information on the 2-Step Process and Membership.