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Member Success Stories

Before Job After Job

John Stanford - IT Professional

Renewed Quality Of Life

With over 20 years of IT experience in the military, John was at a standstill with advancing himself with his current skill set. During John's time in the military he was exposed to the networking side of IT, and understood the importance and the opportunities in that field of IT. John's ultimate goal was to get back to where he was at when he was at his peek in the IT field. So when John found out about LAN/WAN Professional he knew that this program could help him get back to where he wanted to be with his career.

During John's time at LAN/WAN Professional he was excited to be working with qualified individuals who understand the technology inside and out. John knew he was in the rightplace at the right time. During his time at LAN/WAN Professional John completed credentials up to the CCNP level. After completing the CCNP level of training John was eager to jump right into the job search with his reinforced background, and credentials.

It was not too long before John nailed the dream job he was aiming for. John landed a position as a Senior Network Assessment Engineer with a large consulting firm out on the west coast and John is happy as can be. During John's feature candidate interview he shared with us that his wife was in tears when John received the job offer.

At the end of the interview we asked him about how he was feeling about his quality of life and he told us "it's good to be back to where I was before."