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Randall Gregory - IT Professional

Nothing Can Hold Me Back

Randall is a telecomm veteran who worked for AT&T for over 30 years in Northern California. Due to his long and positive history with the company, AT&T made Randal the rare offer of an early retirement. After consulting with his family, Randall decided to take his early retirement with the goal of using the opportunity to continue his career advancement in a new position.

Randall had always had an interest in Cisco and LAN/WAN in general, so his search for new employment opportunities naturally led him in that direction. It was during this search that Randall came across an ad for LAN/WAN Professional, remarking that "the ad was almost too good to be true, because this is what I exactly needed." He decided to take the plunge and attend a boot camp to test-drive LAN/WAN Professional's program.

Randall left his first camp feeling very excited to have finally found a company that worked as fast as he could. Randall moved forward with the program and exceeded everyone's expectations, taking full advantage of everything that LAN/WAN Professional had to offer.

Soon, the time had come for Randall to hit the job market. Aided by his impressive background in telecomm and newly acquired Cisco experience and credentials, Randall was the ideal candidate for many positions, and his interview process reflected this.

One of the first jobs he applied for was with Verizon wireless; a direct competitor of his previous employer, AT&T. Ultimately, Randall confidently navigated his way through three interviews with Verizon. Randall was a hit with Verizon and even though he had initially been interviewing for a contract position, there was already talk about bringing him on as a full-time employee because of his skills and attitude.

Randall is now working as a LAN/WAN Implementations Manager with Verizon Wireless. What's even more impressive is that Randall has reported back to us that, because of the how effective the training he received from LAN/WAN Professional was, his skill level is surpassing that of co-workers who have been on the job for more than a year after just after just three weeks on the job.

Randall also mentioned that he would be sure to get back to once he receives that full-time promotion - so stay tuned for an update from Randall in the near future!