Featured Members: Past & Present Members Share Their LAN/WAN Success Stories

Member Success Stories

David McLean - Career Changer

My True Love Is IT

Originally, David had gone to college to earn a computer science degree, but things did not go quite as planned. David earned a degree in economics and found stable work in business. However, after some time he became interested in upgrading his quality of life and get on a path into the IT field.

David was looking for entry-level opportunities with his limited background in IT and was hitting dead ends until coming across an ad for LAN/WAN Professional. Seeing the opportunity to test-drive the program for free, David figured he had nothing to lose by trying the program out and was able to pick up everything covered at the test-drive camp because of his prior experience in college.

Because David was eager, and had some prior networking knowledge, he was invited back to participate in the placement program to begin his intensive hands-on training and to start earning his Cisco credentials. David enjoyed the experience because ultimately he was furthering his knowledge in what he loved the most.

Not too long after leaving his last camp, David got a new job as a Network Engineer with a data recovery firm in Minnesota. He is part of a team that manages the global WAN for his. Now David is fully immersed in the world of information technology and he couldn't be any happier. David is doing great at his new job, and with his first child on the way he feels that he made the right choice to better himself and can now provide for his growing family.