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Patrice Robinson - IT Professional

Tripled My Salary

Patrice is an IT professional who resides in Tennessee. She has been working in IT for over 24 years - most recently as a Desktop Technician in Nashville. However, Patrice was beginning to develop a dissatisfaction her career progression, and decided that it was time to expand her skill set in order to push her career forward.

While Patrice was looking at training options, she came across an ad for LAN/WAN Professional and determined that she had nothing to lose by accepting a grant to test drive our services by attending one of our camps in Southern California. Patrice dove right in and began developing her skills through real-worlds hands-on training with the actual devices that are used throughout the industry. Patrice knew right away that she had found the quickest path to where she wanted to be.

During her time at LAN/WAN Professional, Patrice earned her Cisco certifications from the CCNA level all the way up through the CCNP level, putting her in an excellent position to go out and market herself to employers with confidence.

As is the case for many of LAN/WAN Professional's clients, Patrice's job search ended with multiple job offers. While preparing to accept a local government position, she got word that she was in the running for another position she had interviewed for previously. After a final interview, she was presented with a second offer. With the help of LAN/WAN Professional's placement service, Patrice was able to choose the position that would give her the best salary, hands-on, and professional experience to aid her in her continued advancement.

Now, Patrice is working as a Network Engineer for Walgreens, earning three times as much as she was while working as a Desktop Technician.