Featured Members: Past & Present Members Share Their LAN/WAN Success Stories

Member Success Stories

Aaron Brown - IT Professional

Negotiated a Better Life

Before LAN/WAN Professional, Aaron was working as an Electrical Engineer until losing his position in a workforce reduction. After that, Aaron took on a Desktop Support job doing simple installations and troubleshooting basic issues. During his time as a Desktop Support Technician, Aaron had minor exposure to routers and switches - just enough to spark his interest in networking. Soon, after several years working in Desktop Support, Aaron's interest in the inner workings of the Internet had grown into a desire to make networking the next step in his IT career.

Aaron came across LAN/WAN Professional while searching for a training program that would help him make his transition into networking. He had found several other training programs which covered the basics, but it wasn't until finding LAN/WAN Professional that he felt confident that he had found a program that would provide him both the technical know-ho and placement support that he would need to attain upgraded employment in LAN/WAN sooner than later.

After completing his training with LAN/WAN Professional, Aaron was eager to land a position that was the right fit for him. It was not long before Aaron landed his current position as a Network Engineer for a managing service company in southern California (and he loves it). Because of the help LAN/WAN professional had provided him, he was able to negotiate for a higher salary than what was posted on the job description, effectively doubling the salary he had been earning as a Desktop Support Technician.

Aaron was recently engaged and his quality of life is fantastic. With his pay increase, he is considering investment options to ensure that he can provide the best life possible for his future family.