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Louis Bruce - IT Professional

Quick Path to Success

Louis is an IT professional with over 22 years of experience working in Data Communications. For the past 19 of those years, Louis worked as a Systems Engineer for a company in the northern New Jersey Area. Aside from the fact that his position often required him to work nights and weekends, Louis was content with his work and optimistic about his future with the company. However, this all changed in 2014 when Louis's position was dissolved without warning, and his responsibilities (and salary) were dispersed evenly between the members of the tech support department.

Once Louis had gotten over the shock of losing the position that he had held for 19 years, he decided it that it was time to make a change to pursue a career that would ensure him the stability and growth opportunities that he desired. It was while searching for opportunities on the web that Louis came across the LAN/WAN Professional, and decided to submit an application to test-drive our program.

After a successful remote test drive, Louis was invited to attend an onsite CWA Camp here in Southern California to see how things work in person. Louis was blown away by the structure of LAN/WAN Professional's training, and after some careful consideration, determined LAN/WAN Professional was vehicle that he needed to get to where he wanted to go in his career.

Louis soon returned for a second camp, immersing himself in the hands-on training in himself in everything from VLANS to VOIP; Louis was in the zone. That being said, the one aspect of the training that Louis enjoyed the most was the career placement training offered by LAN/WAN Professional. After being steadily employed for over 19 years, Louis was naturally rusty when it came to the skills involved in searching for and interviewing for new positions. LAN/WAN Professional's program addressed these issues, giving him the edge he needed to get in control of his job search.

With his newly earned Cisco credentials and an empowered perspective on his job search, it was not long before Louis found himself a new job. In fact, the position that Louis accepted was in contact with him before he had even left his placement camp! The interview process took no longer than a week and after a total of two weeks after completing his placement camp, Louis got the job.

Check out the videos above and let Louis tell you the full story of his journey with LAN/WAN Professional.