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Member Success Stories

Edna Lopez - IT Professional

Coming Back to My Career

While living in Colombia Edna worked for a large company as an Electrical Engineer for over 9 years. She was at the top of her game, had her CCNA, and was doing great within her field.
When her husband's position was moved to the United States, Edna decided to take a break from work to focus on taking care of her family at their new home in Florida.

Eventually, Edna's husband was transferred to California, and Edna decided that the time had come for her to get back into the IT field. Unfortunately, it had been many years since Edna had last worked in IT and her skills had faded over time, making it very difficult for her to get back into the industry.

After years of frustration with working in non-IT positions, Edna came across an ad for LAN/WAN Professional's training program and started her journey through the program.

Her passion for LAN/WAN was reignited as she excelled all the way up through the CCNP level of certification. As you might guess, Edna was very pleased with how quickly she was able to progress through the program.

Shortly after that, Edna was brought on to work at LAN/WAN Professional to help clients working on their CCNP certifications training. Edna also was involved with the initial development of the CCIE program here at LAN/WAN Professional.

After her time at LAN/WAN Professional, it was not long before Edna's job search led her to her engineering dream job here in Orange County, California. She is working on a county-wide networking service update with a team of like-minded engineers.