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Before Job After Job

Peter Ngo - IT Professional

$60k to $130k in 6 Months

Peter Ngo has been working in IT for many years, primarily doing contract work for a variety of companies. Despite his years of experience, Peter's compensation range always seemed top out at around $70k. Peter knew that he was worth more than what he was currently making and decided that he needed to do something to upgrade his skills in order to break out of his rut.

Peter was in-between contracts and in something of a dry spell when he came across an ad for LAN/WAN Professional. Intrigued by the programs offered by LAN/WAN Professional, Peter submitted an application right away, and was soon was invited to attend an onsite camp to allow him to test-drive our services first-hand. At camp, Peter fell in love with how our programs work to help IT Professionals attain upgraded employment by focusing on the hands-on skills that matter most.

After his initial visit, Peter came back for a Placement Camp where he was able to further strengthen his hands-on skills and knock out 8 Cisco Certifications - all within just 2 months of starting the program. Peter was excited to get back to work with a renewed sense of confidence and the skills back up his newly attained credentials.

It was not long before peter landed an excellent position providing networking solutions working out of the Texas offices of a large company based in Japan. Peter is ecstatic to be working for such an established company earning $130,000 a year - a salary that he feels finally matches his skills and experience.