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Before Job After Job

Peter Rivers - Career Changer

Peter's 400% Salary Increase

Peter had been working as a waiter at TGI Friday's for the past thirteen years before deciding it was time for a change. It was not until recently that Peter was in a situation where he added on a family to his life and wanted to provide for them. Peter knew that if he continued to work for Friday's as a Manager, he would be unable to provide the life he wanted for his family.

One day Peter was job hunting and happened to stumble on an ad for LAN/WAN Professional. He was already self-studying for his Cisco certifications but had no funds to purchase actual equipment to develop his hands-on skills with. He saw what LAN/WAN Professional could do for him and decided to apply for our program. Shortly thereafter Peter was accepted to test-drive the program and found out that his talent for the work allowed him to surpass other candidates who had 10+ years of IT experience. Peter knew that he had found the path for him and his family.

After completing an initial boot camp, Peter was invited back to participate in our Fast Track Program and took full advantage of the accelerated learning structure to land a LAN/WAN job fast. After completing his 11 day camp, Peter was already receiving phone calls as soon as he had posted his updated resume.

After only a few weeks of solid interviews, Peter landed an excellent job working as a VOIP Engineer for APEX Solutions. Check out the full story of how Peter was able to secure a job earning 400% more than he was making at his previous position as a waiter.