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After Job After Job

Jim Jay - IT Professional

Exemplary Status

Before coming to LAN/WAN Professional, Jim was a Desktop Support veteran. For many years, he was the master of his domain and was happy with his compensation and skill set. However, Jim eventually came to see his limited opportunities for advancement in Desktop Support.

At the recommendation of his then employer, Jim started working on a Bachelor's degree as well as some Microsoft certifications, but worried that his efforts were not going to pay off in the long run. It was for this reason that Jim made the tough decision to leave Desktop Support and move into the networking field.

While searching the internet for networking opportunities, Jim stumbled across LAN/WAN Professional and was intrigued by the unique structure of our program. Jim was soon accepted into the program and was immersed in the intensive hands-on training that led to his earning over 15 Cisco certifications and a new career.

When he left his work in Desktop Support, Jim had agreed with his wife that his goal would be to attain employment within 90 days. The amazing thing about his journey with LAN/WAN Professional is that it took exactly 87 days for Jim to complete his training, get his certifications, and attain upgraded employment in LAN/WAN making $80k (a 50% salary increase from his previous job)!

Now, Jim's current contract position is coming to a close and of course he decided to come back to LAN/WAN Professional to get himself into an even higher level position in the six figure range. During his time here, he took the time to sit down with us and tell us his story on how he achieved success through the program and how coming back again will help him reach new heights.