Featured Members: Past & Present Members Share Their LAN/WAN Success Stories

Member Success Stories

Peter Tasch - Career Changer

From Robotics to LAN/WAN

Prior to coming to LAN/WAN Professional, Peter was working an Engineer for a robotics company specializing in the production of unmanned vehicles. As he put it, his job was "take the people out of the equation". With the increasing adoption of unmanned vehicles in both military and private applications, things were looking good. However, after a few years, his desire to move into a higher level position coupled with the increased outsourcing of robotic production were enough to convince Peter that he needed to find a new path. While searching for opportunities in Engineering, Peter happened to stumble across LAN/WAN Professional's Engineer Placement Program and decided to apply for a grant to Test-Drive the program.

During his time at LAN/WAN Professional, Peter immersed himself in the training, gaining valuable real world hands-on experience working with Cisco equipment while earning his Cisco certifications. Peter enjoyed the fast-paced training that the program had to offer, and was able to utilize many of the skills that he had developed as Engineer to ease his transition into LAN/WAN.

Now, after all that hard work, Peter is working for a large, employee focused ISP earning a salary close to what it would have taken him 7 years to earn working as a Mechanical Engineer. What's more, his new position promises the continued growth that he was after.

In the months after employment, Peter noted that he be returning to LAN/WAN Professional soon to continue with the CCIE Program to continue bettering himself.