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Before Job After Job

Erik Tejeda - Grad / Tech

The Right Program For Me

Back in 2009, Erik was a recent college graduate who had just relocated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. He had a degree in Computer Science and was itching to find his first real job with his new degree. However, Erik struggled to get interviews and began searching for help.

Erik came across LAN/WAN Professional's website and decided to check out what the program had to offer. Erik Came to our facility for our test-drive camp and soon knew that it was the right fit for him. Erik knew that networking was his calling and that LAN/WAN Professional could help him accomplish his career goals.

Based on Erik's performance and passion for networking, he was invited to come back to a placement camp to continue his intensive hands-on and placement training. Erik commented that he was pleased to have found a program worked as fast as he did. It wasn't long after Erik acquired his credentials and got his revamped resume online that he started being contacted for interviews.

As a result of hard work, Erik now works for a great company as a Customer Support Engineer. Erik gets to use his knowledge with Cisco equipment and is able to troubleshoot problems that clients are having with their equipment and is very pleased to be working in his first "real" job making over $70,000. As Erik put it at the end of his Success Story interview: ''It's only going to get better from here on out.''