Featured Members: Past & Present Members Share Their LAN/WAN Success Stories

Member Success Stories

Boyd Drew - Career Changer

An American In Paris

Before LAN/WAN Professional, Boyd was a professional European car mechanic, but business started to slow down with the economic downturn and Boyd stopped seeing the kind of income that he had hoped for and decided to look into other options. Boyd did have an IT background, but his skill set was dated.

After being out of the IT industry for 8 years Boyd came to LAN/WAN Professional for a whirlwind of technical and professional training, certifications, and preparation. Less than two weeks after completing his training, Boyd landed a high-caliber position with one of the fastest growing European WAN Technology companies to a whirlwind of training - flying out to Paris, France for training wasn't too bad either.

Boyd was excited to be back in IT, and in a better position than he had been in his prior IT work thanks to the hands-on focused training that he received from LAN/WAN Professional.