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Member Success Stories

Alex Vasquez - Grad / Tech

Change Of Pace

Feature Candidate, Alex Vasquez, came to LAN/WAN Professional's Boot Camp to better himself and find a new career path.

Prior to LAN/WAN Professional, Alex Vasquez was a recent college graduate holding two degrees but had beenunable to find employment. Alex was stuck between a rock and a hard place with his current situation. So when Alex was looking for a new opportunity and came across LAN/WAN Professional and was excited to have found an opportunity such as LAN/WAN Professional.

Fast forward to the job; Alex landed a job with Active Data System. There he has multiple roles such as Pre-sales Engineer, also does some product training, and resales.
In a short amount of time, Alex completed his training with LAN/WAN Professional and is currently already heading for his third promotion in less than a year from his hire date.