LAN/WAN Industry & Jobs – #1 Fastest-Growing Job Sector For Next 10 Years

LAN/WAN is one of the LARGEST “hidden” JOB CATEGORIES. Our job category is not only responsible for handling all digital communications (routing/switching) but INCLUDES some of the fast-growing job categories such as (1) security, (2) cloud, (3) wireless, and (4) voice (Telecom). Below are 3 reasons why we are one of the FASTEST-GROWING job sectors AND why there is currently a LABOR SHORTAGE in LAN/WAN.

  1. Expanded Definition of LAN/WAN – As mentioned above, LAN/WAN technologies not only include routing/switching but also some of the hottest technologies including security, wireless, cloud, network monitoring/management, and even voice/video. In addition, we are expanding to data centers (load balancing, virtualization, automation) along with SDWAN and even IoT (Internet) devices.

  2. Limited Pool of Skilled Professionals – Due to the ever-expanding/highly-specialized nature of LAN/WAN technologies, there is no technical training available through traditional learning (schools/online) that covers all the required LAN/WAN skills both technically and definitely professionally including consulting skills. The result is that there is a very LIMITED pool of qualified LAN/WAN Professionals.

  3. Increased Usage in Every Industry – Finally, in today's digitally-connected age, every industry including healthcare (largest private industry), anything internet (social media, video streaming), banking, retail/restaurant, hospitality, and government/military not only relies on LAN/WAN but is expanding their LAN/WAN usage. In other words, EVERY INDUSTRY is HIRING more LAN/WAN Professionals.

Job Responsibilities & PAY – $60,000 to over $300,000 Per Year

Due to the mission-critical, high-impact nature and financial significance of LAN/WAN responsibilities, pay begins at $60,000 to $150,000 (new members) and $150,000 to $500,000 (top members). In addition, LAN/WAN pros are also respected/valued and typically receive great quality-of-life benefits including working remotely from anywhere. Below are 5 PROFESSIONAL responsibilities we handle.

  1. Escalation Support ($60,000 - $130,000+) – The most entry-level role involves resolving issues (tickets) relating to technologies that are currently in operation. These tickets are typically identified (Tier 1) by other members of IT. We handle escalation support (troubleshooting) of Tier 2 & 3 tickets. LAN/WAN tickets tend to be mission-critical that impact thousands or more people.

  2. Administration ($72,000 - $180,000+) – The most common responsibility is handling the day-to-day management of technologies that are already in production. A key responsibility is handling change requests which relate to making changes to a live device. Most important, you are responsible for managing technologies that are the “heart”/critical infrastructure of EVERY company.

  3. Engineering ($84,000 - $210,000+) – Almost every company is expanding its LAN/WAN infrastructure. For this reason, there is a high demand for LAN/WAN pros responsible for (1) deploying new technologies along with (2) upgrading legacy devices (life cycle refresh) and (3) migrating from one vendor to another. If you enjoy working on new technologies, this is the role for you.

  4. Design/Project ($102,000 - $300,000+) – One of the higher-level responsibilities includes (1) conducting site surveys/needs analysis, (2) creating design solutions along with an (3) implementation project plan with budget, resources, and an action plan with key milestones. You are a “consultant” who provides solutions that will have a significant operational/financial impact on EVERY company.

  5. Management ($120,000 - $400,000+) – There is a significant demand for and shortage of level 1 managers (team lead) who possess both managerial and LAN/WAN tech skills. In addition, there are a growing number of Director/VP-level roles that also require LAN/WAN knowledge. Finally, even the highest role in all of IT (CIO/CTO) are requiring LAN/WAN as a technical requirement.

Work “Experience” – Employers Want REAL-WORLD Skills

LAN/WAN pros are regularly required by companies to handle/deploy NEW LAN/WAN technologies that they have limited to no previous experience with. This is based on the assumption that they have the real-world technical skills to do the job and the PROFESSIONAL experience or abilities. If you are career serious and possess the PROFESSIONAL experience/abilities as described above, click on the link below.