Company/Industry Overview

LAN/WAN Professional is a nationwide professional IT membership organization. We provide a comprehensive set of technical and professional services designed to help individual members advance in their enterprise networking careers, while also allowing our corporate clients access to LAN/WAN staff skills development along with other LAN/WAN solutions services to advance their business/operational goals.

The enterprise networking technologies we handle include, but are not limited to, routing, switching, security, voice, wireless, data center, and enterprise management and monitoring tools. Equally important, we focus on 24/7 mission-critical, high-impact environments.

Member Profile & Requirements

LAN/WAN Professional offers membership to both professionals and corporations. The focus is to provide a set of services that focuses on staying updated with the latest technologies while utilizing those technologies to optimize business and operational goals.

Nationwide Membership Profile - A membership organization is only as good as its members. Our members are represented in the "who's who" of major organizations including Cisco, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Disney, Amazon, Blizzard, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, American Express, Viacom, CBS, Warner Bros, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Department of Defense, and United Airlines, among others.

Just as important, our members provide regular input on the changes in technologies and operations. The input from our working members ensures that our services stay current with the ever-changing LAN/WAN environment. The common link between all of our members is their passion for technology, desire to collaborate with others, and the drive to ensure they are current on the latest enterprise networking technologies and methodologies as well as ensure both are applied in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Professional Members & Qualifications - We have a growing nationwide membership base possessing a wide range of backgrounds that include, but is not limited to, engineers, administrators, architects, project managers, managers, and even executives. The services we offer to our members are a combination of technical and professional services optimized to help our members progress in their LAN/WAN careers.

TO QUALIFY, you must possess the 4 "Right Candidate" attributes including (1) transferable skills, (2) technical aptitude, (3) are career-focused and serious about upgraded employment, and (4) must be able to pass extensive background checks for timely employment. If you feel that you are a qualified candidate and desire to be considered for membership, go to the "APPLY - Test Drive/Qualify" link located on the menu bar to get a $690 grant that allows you to personally Test Drive our service while we qualify you prior to approving you as a member.

Corporate Members & Authorized Affiliates - LAN/WAN Professional has a growing list of major corporations, government agencies, national services providers, application service providers, consulting companies, and staffing/contracting agencies that are partners and/or authorized affiliates who are able to access a nationwide membership base of qualified enterprise LAN/WAN professionals. Due to a significant shortage of LAN/WAN Professionals, this is a critical service we offer to our corporate members and authorized affiliates. In addition, our corporate members also receive access to proven and effective best practices for optimizing and managing their networks along with highly efficient training tools that are accessible online to help LAN/WAN staff members update their LAN/WAN skills.

TO QUALIFY, corporate memberships are given to corporations with a large enough network to justify a team of LAN/WAN Professionals. In addition, we offer memberships to managed services providers, consulting agencies, and staffing agencies on a case by case basis.

Service Availability & To Become a Member

Please note that we are not a school and are not affiliated with any accrediting agencies. We do not provide student loans and other resources that are more commonly associated with schools. Just as important, our services are NOT training programs that are commonly associated with schools but ACCESS to technical and professional resources and professional mentoring with a focus on advancing in the LAN/WAN industry. Finally, our services are NOT AVAILABLE to the public and are ONLY AVAILABLE to our professional and corporate members and affiliates. For more information regarding becoming a member, please click on the "Apply/Qualify" link on the menu bar or contact Patrick Pule listed below:

Director of Member Relations

(949) 544-1368