Featured Members: Past & Present Members Share Their LAN/WAN Success Stories

Member Success Stories

Before Job After Job

Theophilus White - IT Professional

Success in the Windy City

Theo has been an IT professional for over 15 years, and was working for JP Morgan Chase before finding LAN/WAN Professional. Theo had been with JP Morgan Chase for 12 years and had become overly comfortable in his career when he found out that his position was going to be eliminated, and he would soon be out of a job.

Soon, Theo had to begin the search for a new job, but struggled to land an interview with his dated skills. Theo then stumbled upon an ad for LAN/WAN Professional and decided to give the program a shot because he knew the significance of working in the networking field of IT.

Theo came to the program and was excited about the intensive structure of the training. The hands-on training helped Theo develop a more analytic outlook regarding network configuration and troubleshooting. Theo was quickly moving through the program and was eager to move onto the job search.

Theo landed an excellent position with a large IT consulting firm for one of Chicago's largest bank firm and is excited about the vast improvement in his quality of life. Theo is exposed to brand new technology that is always coming out and is keeping up with it as well.

Overall, Theo is happy that he made the choice to go through LAN/WAN Professional's program to help him become successful in the field of Networking.