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Eleanor Karvoski - Career Changer

From Rugby to LAN/WAN

Before finding LAN/WAN Professional, Eleanor had left a her position with a pharmaceutical company where she worked in various departments (sales, training, and operations) to focus 100% on her athletic career. A long time rugby player, Eleanor went on to play for the U.S. National Women's Rugby team in three World Cups. Eventually, her passion for rugby led her to a position as coaching college rugby.

Despite her love of the sport, and the flexibility afforded by her coaching position, in the back of Eleanor's mind was a desire to pursue her passions outside of athletics and to make use of her background in mathematics and computing. It was this desire for change that led Eleanor to find LAN/WAN Professional

Eleanor came to the program eager to advance herself in a new direction. During her time at LAN/WAN Professional, Eleanor was put to the test with working with advanced hands-on training with real Cisco equipment. Before she even left camp, Eleanor was receiving calls for Interviews from large corporations, and was eager to officially begin her job search.

Soon after completing her training, Eleanor landed a job working for the nationally recognized and growing telecommunications company, Windstream. Eleanor reports that the company culture at her new position is great, that she has good job security and that couldn't be any more excited.