Company/Membership Overview – We Develop Tomorrow's Leaders Today

LAN/WAN Professional is a nationwide membership organization of successful LAN/WAN consultants who are responsible for mission-critical, high-impact technologies as full-time staff or through their own consulting companies. Earnings for our members begin at $60,000 to $150,000 (new members) to $150,000 to $300,000 (top members) & $300,000 to $500,000+ (consultants). Below are the 3 key services we provide.

  1. Fast Track Career (Months Versus Years) – The primary service is our comprehensive member packages that are designed to help our members acquire real-world LAN/WAN skills 20 to 40+ times faster. By doing this, we can FAST-TRACK our members’ careers in just a few months versus years. Most importantly, our service fees are tied to our member’s success. A True WIN/WIN Relationship.

  2. Build Consulting (Part-time to Full-time) – In addition, we help all new members establish a consulting company as part of becoming a member and help our members earn EXTRA income of $10,000 to over $50,000 per year that is in addition to their full-time wages. For TOP members, we help you do full-time consulting earning $150,000 to $500,000+ per year from anywhere around the world.

  3. Membership & Quality Of Life Services – We also provide a growing range of opportunities for you to collaborate and even get help from top LAN/WAN pros working for some of the best companies. Remember, it's not just what you know but also who you know. Finally, we also offer comprehensive quality of life services that helps you be “successful” in your personal life including wealth building.

Nationwide Membership – Top IT Pros With Four Shared Core Values

A key component of any great organization is having core values that everyone shares. Our members are represented in the "who's who" of major organizations including Cisco, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Disney, Amazon, Blizzard, AT&T, Citibank among others including government, military. No matter where our members work, they share 4 common values that are CORE to who we are (read below).

  1. ALWAYS Seek WIN/WIN Relationship – The first and most FUNDAMENTAL core value is to only have relationships that result in a “WIN/WIN” situation. With this in mind, we ONLY ACCEPT members that can benefit from our services and then tie our service fees to our member's success. To ensure this, we have the most extensive qualification process to become a member.

  2. Think Like A Consultant (Solution) – The second and MOST IMPORTANT core value is to think like a consultant which means to (1) always identify the needs of a “client” and (2) create a solution/result that meets these needs. In terms of learning, it is not your total knowledge but the knowledge you actually use on a job. This is how you acquire real-world PRACTICAL skills 20 to 40+ times faster.

  3. Pursue A Career/Passion (Not A Job) – The third core value begins with understanding the difference between (1) a JOB you do to pay “rent”, (2) a CAREER you care about, and (3) a life PASSION you would do even if you were not getting paid (if you can afford to). Once you understand the difference, only pursue a CAREER (minimum) and hopefully your life PASSION (Ideal).

  4. Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today – Based on the fourth core value of developing leaders, we look for new members who care about helping others. In addition, HOW we offer our services is optimized for future leaders. Our services are focused on providing real-world and proven resources to our members but YOU do the work. As a future leader, WE HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF.

Proven/Successful System – Refined For 20+ Years With Members

The stellar success of our members was built on over 20 years of experience of our principal founder Eric Choi along with other key staff members/founders and thousands of successful clients of LAN/WAN Professional and two previous organizations, ICTP and Tech Pros Group. If you share our four CORE VALUES as summarized above and are serious about fast-tracking your career, click on the link below.